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a prize that money can't buy...



This year sees a complete revamp of our treasured museum with lots of new and exciting artefacts and displays for your pleasure.


This year’s displays fall into three main categories. Sussex cricket in older times. The Great Game: Sussex Cricketers at war. 175 years of Sussex Cricket. Also our archive has been upgraded and categorised and generally cleaned up as befitting our unique collection.


Gallery One as you come through the door consists of a collection of treasured artefacts from our original Golden Age at Sussex (up to the Great War) including original team photos, paintings, pictures and prints of Ranji, C B Fry, Robert Relf and Harry Phillips. Also this is where you can view the quite excellent Ranji Installation Album from 1907. This is in essence a photo album of his Royal Maharajah (King) Coronation, which he signed and donated to Sussex CCC at the time. We believe there is only one other copy in existence which is kept in Delhi.


The second Gallery (middle room) is a tribute to the players who fought and in some cases died during the two Wars. We have a really interesting mix of displays, artefacts and tributes, including one to Jim Parks Snr whose 1930s blazer is exhibited. We also feature some photographs of the last match of the 1939 season between Sussex and Yorkshire. This was Jim Parks Snr Benefit match and was also Hedley Verity’s last first-class match before being killed in action in 1943. Other war time artefacts from the Royal Sussex Regiment in which Billy Griffith and Hugh Bartlett, two Sussex captains, served and who were also war time heroes. This Gallery also pays tribute to Tommy Cook, a former Sussex player, who fought in both WW1 and WW2.  


Gallery Three (at the rear of the Museum) is entirely dedicated to our 175 years of cricket history, going right back to the Lillywhites, C Aubrey Smith. David Sheppard and Tony Greig.  Our Trophies, County Championships and Silverware are well represented as of course are our recent stars such as Mushtaq, Goodwin, Adams and Prior. Women’s cricket is also featured with the personal archives of Shirley Hodges and Janet Allen. An impressive item of interest shows details of the Club's formation. We also have original sketches of Sussex’s first two grounds at Ireland's Gardens (The Level) and Royal Brunswick Ground. The Club relocated to Eaton Road in 1872.  


I am particularly indebted to our many helpers, including Mark Foster, Paul Hutson, Ian Campbell, Norman Epps who all work tirelessly without complaint under difficult conditions throughout the year but not least in the winter months when it is wet cold and empty. I am incredibly grateful to our colleagues at the Imperial war Museum, Andrew MacDonald, Dr Neil Young whose advice, input and physical help and professionalism make the difference. Also, and not least, our Trustees whose hands on approach we couldn’t do without, particularly Nicholas Sharp, Jon Filby and Phil Barnes who seem to live here! Thank you to one and all.


Rob Boddie