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We are constantly telling our players three things in the dressing room:


1. Know where you are now as a person and as a player


2. Know where you have come from; know the sacrifices those who went before you made.  Know of the struggles, the good times and the heritage of this famous club.


3. Know where you are going and whose footsteps you follow, and make sure you carry that legacy on and leave your own to be remembered by.


So as a team, as a club we treasure our history and our heritage, and this is why it is an honour to say a few words in support of those who wish to create a museum that will cherish the history of this wonderful and famous club.


To Rob Boddie, Jon Filby and the many others whose hard work and love for the club we will be relying on to create and maintain our museum - I wish you every success and the best of luck


Mark Robinson

Sussex Cricket Club Head Coach 2006-2015