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Aims and Objectives of the Sussex Cricket Museum & Educational Trust.


Charity Registration Number 1132996


The Sussex Cricket Museum & Educational Trust was born out of an amalgamation of the old Library / Museum housed in the Port-a-cabin where the new South West Stand now sits and the Archivian Society.


In 2009 the Board of Sussex County Cricket Club felt it would be prudent to transfer the ownership of all its historical documents, memorabilia, books and artefacts in to a Trust for safe keeping, in the event of anything happening to Sussex CCC in the future, which may cause it to forfeit the ownership of these items precious items.


Thus was born in 2010 the Charitable Trust of S.C.M.E.T. However this name was deemed to be too much of a tongue twister and somewhat out of date with our ambitions and thinking. Therefore in January 2012 we branded as the Sussex Cricket Museum or SCM

As the parent name suggests there are two facets to the SCM. That of Museum to the traditionalist and cricket lover and an Educational slant to capture interest amongst the young.